Instant Website

Click to be amazed! As part of the MIW Global Platform you receive entirely free, a state of the art website, personalised for you and fully loaded with every cutting edge means of engagement to interact with site visitors to bring you business that you are probably currently missing.

This can replace your existing website that may be vastly inferior or ‘past its sell by date’, or you can just simply link your existing site to all your new business Apps, we can assist you with that.

Your website comes pre-built according to your type of trade, with every web page you can need;

advanced editing features, integrated on screen credit card terminal, mission statement, testimonials that you can police, configurable contact forms, online shop all ready to open its doors, interactive map, brilliant multi-header graphics, social media links configured on every site page, advanced SEO and so much more!

It also includes the gateway to the password protected Virtual Office, with Apps to drive your business that you will have never seen before ! You can update your site, free, as often as you want, 24/7, from any location, or we can assist you. You can change your site’s colour, images, content etc. by either simple ‘drag and drop’ if you’re a novice or by using the advanced CMS tools if you’re more skilled. You can add more pages, the navigation automatically updates by magic. You can add contact forms, personalise them, add your company logo, add sound, slideshows, videos of what you do, or even change the entire look of your website with just a single click !

Importantly, every page on your website is designed to encourage visitors to make contact with you in various innovative ways, you have no idea how much money you are currently losing by not having these features! Do not mistake this for inferior ‘self build’ type websites, this is truly a state of the art site as part of the free platform we provide you with.

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